Cavestar aka Kevin Crosslin, began releasing his solo work in 1994. His music has appeared on various compilations and film soundtracks. In 1997, he released his self-titled solo CD on Mindspore Records. Then, teaming up with KCRW DJ Kevin Lincoln in 1998, they produced the acclaimed Los Angeles:Critical Mass, a collection of music showcasing premier LA-based electronic recording artists. His work as an art directior appears on a variety of projects.

Crosslin cut his teeth as a DJ during his year long residency at Hollywood hot-spot Les Deux Cafes where he provided music for many celebrity parties.

Crosslin has recently contributed music to the Gus Van Sant/Nickolas Perry film Speedway Junky, and recorded music for Leaves From The Tree: A Tribute To The Music Of Peter Gabriel on CMH Records. He works from his home in Los Angeles and is currently seeking out remix work, as well as assembling tracks for his second solo release.

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Mr. Soon aka Joe Jakob - an Arizona native, has most notably worked in collaboration with Grammy Award winning Native American artists Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike. Their CD release for Canyon Records entitled Sacred Path mixes traditional peyote healing chants with Joe's subtly powerful atmospherics. For Joe's work under the Mr. Soon moniker, the big difference is the use of the beats of dub, drum & bass and his own rhythmic concoctions, putting the evocative feel of his music in more of a DJ context. Joe has recently released his first solo CD titled Places In Arizona, on Psychosomatic Records. Mr. Soon also tracks appear on the 1998 Mindspore release Critcal Mass, and Chill on the Abstrakt Reality label.

jim goetsch - Started off as a saxophone player, studying with jazz legend George Rusell, touring with blues master Albert King, and opening shows for Gil Scott-Heron, Tom Scott, and Billy Cobham. Later moved into electronics, starting the group Biomechanique and producing his own music under the name Subversive Element. Recently he completed a side project called Demolition Squad with Kim Koschka, and their CD "Hit It" was rated 9 out of 10 by the well respected magazine Alternative Press. He has just started his own label, Psychosomatic Records, beginning with releases by both Biomechanique and Subversive Element.




Kathie Talbot - After growing up in New York and Puerto Rico, Kathie relocated to Los Angeles, where she worked for several years as a singer and songwriter in a variety of live and studio situations. As she progressed, she began to see more and more of her own musical vision, and began serious study of electronic music techniques to help realize this. These skills have now enabled her to bring forth this very personal and creative vision; an unusual mix of her vocal abilities along with these techniques and her striking concept of melody.

KOI is a new musical adventure that John Lehmkuhl and Koi Howard are embarking on. John plays keyboard, computer and anything else that makes noise. Koi Howard is the voice. With the concept of blending anything from Pop to "Operatic" musical singing with cutting edge dance/electronic music, KOI is like nothing you've heard before.

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  RealKuhl - the art project of John Lemkuhl (aka Skippy), widely known for many years as a leading synthesizer programmer and producer of sample CDs like "Skippy's Noizbox". He describes this work as" intelligent electronic music with attitude and soul", going on to say "My goal is to make music that makes you think, feel and experience something that was not there before the music started".

Dean De Benedictis, aka Surface 10, is a Southern California based composer / producer / performer / conceptual artist and electronic music pioneer. He utilizes his interests in a variety of musical styles and concepts ranging from experimental electronica to ambient, IDM to progressive jazz and beyond. In 1996 Dean released his self titled debut CD on Hypnotic Records (a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records) under the alias SURFACE 10, gaining him recognition in the electronic ambient genre.

Since then he has appeared on various Hypnotic compilations and tribute CDs. In 97 Dean then collaborated with George Sara of THC on another full length project for Hypnotic entitled "Exempli Gratia" going under the name CATHEXIS, where he then earned notoriety in the techno/trance realm.

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Constant Flux, known throughout the LA electronic music scene for his experimental / breakbeat, this Run Recordings artist performs his compositions alongside the stunning live visual projection of artist Yo Suzuki--who works with Doug to create closely synchronized visual tracks to match the expansive soundscapes of Constant Flux. Although he has explored the use of samplers for manipulation, he prefers creating all sounds from scratch and typically does not rely on any prerecorded samples, sounds, or synth presets.

Constant Flux has been heard on many college and NPR radio stations including Los Angeles' well-known KCRW, and has even had clips from his album "All Things Change" used on the NPR national primetime radio show entitled Day to Day. and .



Swirl - a new group from three longtime residents of Los Angeles

Lili Haydn- A gifted violinist / singer / songwriter, her credits include performance and recording with Nusrat Fateh Khan, Porno for Pyros, Bill Laswell, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, Tony Toni Tone, Tom Petty and Victoria Williams.
Richard Larsen- A refugee from the eclectic Chicago scene, he came to Los Angeles to work as a house producer at Quango Records. Also worked with DJ Krust under the name "Konkrete Jungle" on Ultra Records, and did the Tulku remixes released on Triloka Records.
Kevin Lincoln- Has a long tenure as one of the most creative DJs at the KCRW in Los Angeles with his "Blueprint" show. In 1998 he co-produced the well respected Los Angeles:Critical Mass CD on Mindspore Records along with Novabeats member Kevin Crosslin. Began working with Richard Larsen at their "Space Trip" club night at L.A.'s Spaceland club. From there, Lincoln and Larsen continued to work together by producing L.A. area bands, which in turn led to the formation of Swirl.




Mark Farmer-
Mark first came on the L.A. scene in the early 90s with the influential acid jazz / funk clubnight "Brass". In the mid 90s he started his own "45 Vibe" Sunday night sessions, one of the first places in L.A. to hear the new downtempo sound. He promoted special 45 Vibe events with "One On One" magazine that included the first U.S. appearances of Kruder & Dorfmeister, United Future Organization, Nobukazu Takemura. He then became manager and buyer of the Hyperdisc record store/coffee shop in Santa Monica, turning it into a respected indie music shop and promoting live music and DJ events including Dego (4 Hero), Lamb, and others.

Recent years have included a stint as a programmer at Virgin internet radio, DJ at the pirate radio station KBLT, music supervisor and sound designer for three theatre plays, , DJ at his "A-Part" nujazz nights, and a long standing residency at the Lava Lounge in Hollywood, where he has been interviewed for BBC television. He can also be heard spinning at art openings, fashion shows and performance pieces.